3 × Photo: PANEOLIT bakery

On 25 July 2017, PANEOLIT opened an authentic bakery on Pekařská Street. It’s the first of its kind in Brno. Connecting a bakery to a shop and baking high-quality baked goods in view of customers on the street brought in thousands of returning customers who appreciate fresh, handmade baked goods with long-rise dough from the bakery’s own yeast and quality ingredients without additives, substitutes, or mixtures. From the bakery right into your hands! 

Most of the offered products are made from original recipes, and many also have original names – Horned loaf, Baton Chorizo, Cheese bread with turmeric, and Basil Twister. The baguettes, fougasse, brioches, and viennoise based on French recipes are very popular. The experienced bakers can use top-notch French technology from Bongard, which ensures traditional quality, high productivity, and no night shifts. Everything is baked carefully in radiant-heat stoves, just like the first bread in the Neolithic, which gives the bakery its name. Does your morning commute lead you past Pekařská? Set your alarm for later because you can save the time spent preparing breakfast by stopping at PANEOLIT for a slice of fresh bread with egg spread or butter and chives. Add in a good cappuccino and your day can begin. If you’re considering investing into a bakery, you might be interested to know that PANEOLIT is looking for business partners to create more shops and so expand the availability of high-quality baked goods across Brno.

Pekařství PANEOLIT 

Pekařská 74, Brno 

Taken from the magazine FOOD DRINK BRNO → shop.pocketmedia.cz/predplatne