Photo: BWP Hotel International Brno

In the past this famous restaurant serving Czech cuisine in the city centre welcomed Madeleine Albright, Hans Adam von Liechtenstein, the writer Milan Kundera and popular actors Pierre Richard and Omar Sharif. 

Specializing in classic Czech gastronomy, Plzenka is one of Brno’s most sought-after places and is visited not only by locals, but also by tourists. Its chefs follow original recipes tuning them to perfection. Remaining somewhat of a rarity, the popular French serving of small hors d’oeuvre before meals will enhance your culinary awareness and pleasantly prepare your taste buds for the main course. The whole experience is complemented by a modern interior that connects current trends with respect for tradition.

BWP Hotel International Brno 

Husova 16, Brno

Taken from the magazine FOOD DRINK BRNO →