Photo: Pocket media/Klára Galle

„We stick together and help through pizza“ is the motto of Bistro Romano in the Tržnice Building on Zelný trh. Pinsa Romana, a light and easy-to-digest type of Italian pizza, slow-roasted meat, vegetables and soups are all ready for your taste buds in the bistro. 

The mission of Bistro Romano is to create and maintain jobs over a long term period for people with disabilities and thus integrate them into the labour market. With this form of social entrepreneurship, the managers strive to build a successful, socially responsible bistro that will offer customers a good quality, healthy and varied diet in a pleasant environment and provide their employees with a friendly team atmosphere, where everyone will have the opportunity to contribute their ideas to further development. More than 40% of the bistro’s employees are from disadvantaged groups, the profit from the business goes towards the improvement of the facility. Bistro Romano obviously complies with the principles of eco-friendly practices, use of environmentally friendly products and waste management. The frequently varied menu full of flavours and colours is impressive in terms of its originality, quality and freshness of ingredients as well as imaginativeness in combining food to make up a mosaic of complex healthy dishes. Whether you are in the mood for a salad, something sweet, pizza or vegetable cream, you will definitely find your choice at Bistro Romano.

Bistro Romano 

Zelný trh 14, Brno 

Taken from the magazine FOOD DRINK BRNO →